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Worm Compost Tea

Putting the life back into your soil!


Why use Worm Compost Tea?

When you brew your own compost tea you are ensuring that you are delivering not only beneficial nutrients, but also, living organisms that are created during the aeration/fermentation process, direct to the roots of your plants.

Compost tea works as a plant and soil probiotic, and helps re-establish and maintain a healthy soil so that plants can thrive, living in a healthy, disease free environment.

Plants depend on bacteria, fungi and worms as they cannot digest minerals by themselves. Plants depend on a complex balance of soil biology to provide their nutritional and health needs, or, on artificial chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

The first is natural and depends on natural processes, the second is increasingly expensive, more difficult to manage and damages natural soil fertility processes, and wildlife such as bees.

Green Fingers Co - Worm Compost Tea - Full Kit

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